A place where the fish of Lake Tisza travel up and down stairs

On the border of Abádszalók and Kisköre, one can visit the Fishway, which is the largest ecological corridor in Central Europe.

Walking by Lake Tisza, it is worth visiting this special place. The nearly 1,400-meter-long canal allows fish to migrate between Lake Tisza and the River Tisza all year round. So far, more than 40 species of fish have been observed here. At the Fishway, the following species have already occurred: protected Hungarian Zingel, Balon’s ruffe, Schraetzer, Spined loach, Romanogobio vladykovi, Rhodeus sericeus, Alburnoides bipunctatus and many other species.

We can easily observe the movement of the fish through the windows in the monitoring room of the Fishway and via a webcam 24 hours a day. The refreshing point along the road is an ideal resting place for cyclists and hikers.


Lake Tisza Fishway

On the border of Abádszalók and Kisköre, near the the Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Visitable: Throughout the year

Application for a plant visiting tour:

Access: By bike and on foot on the dam, by car from Kisköre (permission to use can be purchased in fishing shops and harbors)

GPS: 47° 29′ 31.5″ N ; 20° 31′ 10.5″ E

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Video made by: Gábor Tóth