Internal Operating Policy

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By entering the beach area, any guest of the beach accepts and accepts the following policies as binding on them.

In case of non-compliance with the rules of the policy, the beach staff once draws the guilty person’s attention to the observance of the rules. In case of repeated violation of the rules, the beach staff will instruct the offending person to leave the beach area. Beach staff will ask for police assistance to remove the culprit if necessary. In the event of verbal or physical abuse of beach staff, beach staff will seek police assistance without consideration.

1. The Lake Tisza Beach is open every day from 09:00 to 18:00.
2. Beach guests are entitled to use the beach after redeeming an entrance ticket, five-day ticket or weekly ticket. Beach guests are required to keep and retain their tickets or hand them over for inspection at the request of beach staff. If the guest redeeming the day ticket cannot prove his / her right to use the beach by presenting the day ticket, he / she is obliged to pay a surcharge equal to three times the price of the day ticket. In case of refusal or non-payment of the surcharge, the beach staff will ask the person to leave the beach area. Beach staff will ask for police assistance if necessary to remove the person. Proof of eligibility for five-day and weekly ticket redemptions is provided by ID card.
3. Bathing is at your own risk, within the area designated by the buoys. The deep-water areas of the designated bathing water may only be used by persons who can swim. Beach guests are required to obey their lifeguard instructions immediately, including when the lifeguard instructs you to leave the water. In the event of a storm signal, the spa guests will be informed by voice announcement and asked to leave the water surface. The water police have the right to act against those who ignore the warning, the Operator is not liable for accidents after the information.
4. A child under the age of 12 or a juvenile who is unable to swim shall not be in the water without the supervision of an adult who is unable to swim.
5. Bathing at night is prohibited.
6. The area of ​​the open water beach can be visited from 8 am to midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and from 8 am to 1 am from Friday to Saturday.
7. It is forbidden to drive or enter the water surface surrounded by the buoy with a watercraft or sports equipment.
8. Smoking is allowed in the beach area, only in the designated area.
9. You cannot visit the spa:
a) suffering from fever and infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and skin,
b) a person with a convulsive condition, loss of consciousness or a disease with a conspicuous or extensive pathological change,
c) the drunk,
d) a person under the influence of a drug or intoxicant.
10. Pets are not allowed in the beach area (except for guide and service dogs).
11. It is forbidden to pollute the water and the beach area in any way. Waste generated in the beach area should be disposed of in landfills. It is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish, chewing gum or cigarette butts. If you notice broken glass or other objects that could cause injury, please notify the beach staff immediately.
12. When using the outdoor shower, the use of shower gel and soap is prohibited.
13. The beach staff and the operator do not take responsibility for the valuables and bicycles brought into the beach area, no claim for compensation can be made against them. Please take care of the safety and protection of your own objects and devices, do not leave them unattended. It is forbidden to leave objects or tools unattended or temporarily stored in the beach area.
14. The instructions of the person supervising the beach must be followed.
15. Extreme caution should be exercised when bathing during strong fluctuations caused by ship traffic.
16. Fishing is prohibited on the beach.
17. Due to water pollution or changes in water level, the authority may prohibit the operation of the spa.
18. Bathing guests are obliged to comply with the provisions of the law and the beach policy.
19. Behavior must be taken in the beach area in such a way that it does not disturb the other spa guests and does not cause discomfort or resentment to others. Listening to music or listening to the radio on the beach at a volume that can be heard by others is strictly prohibited, except for the music service provided by the beach operators.
20. It is strictly forbidden to enter the area of ​​the beach, which is closed to guests.
21. Everyone can use the sports field and playground equipment in the beach area only at their own risk, we do not take responsibility for the resulting injuries.
22. The use of toilets, showers and washbasins on the beach is free of charge. Please keep them clean.
23. Whoever intentionally damages or steals beach equipment may be required to pay damages, infringement proceedings may be instituted against him or her may be banned from the beach area. The guests of the beach are obliged to use the beach equipment, tools and equipment as intended. The beach staff and the operator do not take responsibility for accidents resulting from improper use, and no claim for compensation can be made against them.
24. The use of a bathing suit or swimming trunks is mandatory.
25. Please return the items found in the beach area at the checkout. You can inquire about lost items at the checkout.
26. We would like to draw the attention of our guests to the fact that the beach area is equipped with cameras for continuous recording. In this way, we can document the intentional damage in all cases, so the financial liability of the pests can be proven!
27. By entering the beach area of ​​Lake Tisza, you agree that the local government of the City of Abádszalók and the companies entrusted by it may use the photos, videos and audio materials taken on the beach for advertising and promotional, online and offline marketing without time, space or local restrictions.

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